Thursday, November 23, 2006

what type of girl?

I'd assumed that coz I heard nothing on wed night (dyke night at 3 pubs in Newtown) that I was safe - and maybe she'd left town after all.


no such luck.

thanks for your reply. but my life couldnt b any easyer than it already is honey.and feelings? Lets not go there.and im a very good listener.and few would say! what a good fuck.have a great holiday sweetie.x 23.11.06 @ 21.32

Brief not: I made no reply but asked a friend in the FRESIAN islands to text on my behalf. And the obvious reply is 'no: you are not a good listener, you're a fucking nut! Actually It's quite narcisstic of me putting that one up - wiht my sexual credentials broadcast for the world - hell a woman who wears her genitalia on her head can't be too bad I guess.

You know what? You'll never b like me sweetie. so don't use u as an exsample of who i am. as u dont even know me at all. sorry hon but I thought? U had more class than that?. 24/11/06 @ 00.50

I've gone through all the texts's you have sent me! And you know? all ive red. Is you do what you do when its only about sex.but. its obvious that u r hurting big time honey.and you cut off.all I wanted from u. Was 2 have sum great sex with u and 2 bring u a smile.2 b happy. what's wrong with that?x 24/11/06 @ 1.08

Well! what a bizarre delusional tautology the above missive is! Like - I wanted sex, and sex alone -she describes it like an accusation, does some pop psychology 101 ad then offers the same. why can't people be honest and say "all I wanted from U was to have an object of fantasy that i could manipulate, scare and control so we wouldn't have to engage in any sort of reciprocal relationship casual or otherwise. I reckon that call u my bitch and fuck you senseless gives me permisssion for all of the above" huh?

I found u a s a sensual lustful sexy women. and did'nt think 2 b so wrong about someone like u. I was so wrong. thanks 4 the time we had and 4 the awareness of girls like a happy easy going kind of girl that works hard and love's life and people. theres no shit in my life 4 the moment. and thats how i like it. Thanks girl and say hi! If ever we cross paths.x 24/11/06 @1.39

Say hello? More like say 'fuck off you freak!"
so many cliche's, so much shit, so much delusion.

what type of girl did she think I was? the type who pashes someone on the dance floor and drags them home after fucking someone else in the toilets? (this is what I did and this is what I told her at the time) the type who repeatedly says ' I'm not girlfriend material. I have other lovers. i'm bisexual. I'm very busy. Let's just have some fun'? the type who assumes that if someone else says to my face "This is nice. It's just fun. that's OK" that that's what they actually mean? The type that assumes that a kiss is not a contract, a fuck is not a contract. that 2 fucks are not a contract, nor is 10.

i've only made 'contracts' with 2 people in my life. One was a joint lease and a hire purhcas eagreement for a TV. that was with my ancient Ex fomr the 1990's. the second included eveyr type of joint contract possible with Abel. Most of them are sitting under my bed. she's still in my will. (My property consists of a ton of books, a heavy computer and some paintings: combined value? $5000).

Abel left the country after being pissed for most of the weekend. a good chastiity belt - i had no temptations at all and assumed my libido had died wiht stress of psychobunny. Then I saw the consort. thought maybe I was straight and had been deluding myself for the past 12 years. then I saw the most sensible slut in the world. *melt* then I saw ... ooohh ahhh - don't have words for that other one. Oh gosh!

So I was planning to chase pretty girls or at least perve at them on sunday evening. hmmm - but psychobunny is making me think otherwise.

wonder if I should ring Newtown Police?

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Adam said...

I think it's time to make it a matter of record with law enforcement. Just give 'em a copy of these messages and an idea of what sort of hell you're being put through, and ask for some advice on what, if any, recourse you might have. They may have nothing to offer you, but at least if there is some kind of psycho shitstorm down the track then there is a paper trail. Best wishes and good luck. Let me know if you ever need somewhere to lie low in the 'burbs. God knows it ain't pretty out here, but the psychos are mostly busy doing other things to notice anybody else.