Friday, November 17, 2006

Pushing It

Hay Sweetie. Can i come 2 c u? or am pushing it with u? dont want 2 upset u either.please.x 18/11/06 @11.41.39

I called around 2 c u. but u wer'nt there. Well I guess manly is manly 4 u, thank you 4 your communication.and i ran into you ex she is a really nice girl. what's your problem girl? 18/11/06 @22.10

All the above is true. Drunken Abel and friends said that psycho bunny did turn up around the back of the COMMUNE looking for me, and they let her wander around the garden before she wandered off into the night.

Today I had visions of her climbing in through my bedroom and leaping on the consort and tearing off his delicious member. As I watched him doze, blissfully oblivious ot my paranoia I tried to Zenly imagine myself asking her to replace the flyscreen - instead of screaming and throwing the nearest object to hand at her head.


so current courses of action:

1. ring the cops - get and AVO.

2. Ring her and scream enough threats so SHE gets an AVO against me.

3. Run around and graffittie lot sof toilet doors and street corners wiht warneings aoubt the psychobunny girl - so she's humiliated into going into hiding

4. try to stoicly ignore her

5. Get her texts blocked from my mobile

6. Hide out in CROYDON


Frankly I'm tempted to do the latter!

If you are a supportive random reader - then send me a comment and I'll tell you how.

otherwise if you're a known friend - I'll be sending you an email soon with the mobile number of psycho bunny and asking you to call her - from a work phone, pubic telephone or unlisted/stolen/borrowed phone number - (or send a text).

make it as creepy/silly/agggro as you like.

i reckon she needs MORE contact - and is obviously lonely and bored - and I sure as hell don't want anything to do wiht her - so why not get my friends involved?

I reckon after 10 days of 20 random calls and SMS's -- she'll get the picture of how fucked her behaviour is!

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