Thursday, November 16, 2006


today was so cold that IT WAS SNOWING IN STANTHORPE

for those of you unfamiliar with lands north of Chatswood - Stanthorpe is home to "the big apple". Its a hole of a town south of toowoomba but north of wallangarra in the darling downs/granite belt.

Apparently bondi was the coldest its been in 200 years - which put a bit of a dampener on buying slips of fabric for SCRAG. she's got her hens night reenactment next thursday. I think sh'es got enough outfits - but you never know.....

anway - I was trying out a size 8 singlet in insane flouro pink Engrish (for me, not scragg) and the phone rang (I HATE answering the phone in a changeroom) and then the text bell went off:

"Hay sweetie. Y wont u talk 2 me?do u hate me that much?im sorry if u feel that way about only human and i have feelings2! Take care.xx" 16.11.06 @12.38

Sweetie is one of those misused epithets that even I like to misapply in SMSspace. Compliant coyness. Unctiousness.Ick

But who the fuck takes *me* for a 'sweetie'?

Pussycat maybe - but sweetie???? for fuck's sake my photo shows a CUNT ON My HEAD!

Sweetness is in the mouth of the beholder I ponder as a suck on another salmiaki.

Salmiaki are finnish licorice lollies - intensely flavoured wiht ammonia. they are an aquired taste.and kind of sweet.

I cnan't really write tonight and tonight I hate my life.

I've been sleeping 15 hours per day and sobbing for about 3. that leaves 6 hours - of which I spend about 2 in meals, anohter 2 in masturbatin or some random errand - and hey presto! no more time!

i've got shitloads of makring to finish, plus long overdue chapter and some paper to write in the next fortnight.

Oh - and My stomach has been FUCKING SORE, and I've got THRUSH FROM HELL, and yesterday in YOGA I was so plagued by PILES that I could barely stand up! Hobbling across the road afterwards - I had ridiculous visions of me being crushed by traffic and thought 'what a fucking stupid way to go. I private sick chuckle caught in my throat as I gasped in pain.

I think it was the shoulder stand that did it.

(that is such a typically tragic me sort of thing to happen - so bad and so funny I had to laugh - ouch).

today I sobbed on Abel's shoulder and tried to dump the consort. My firend in finland sent me a text saying she was heartbroken and my firend in NYC rang me to tell me the same.

so strangely, I'm not alone. It's a lacrymose season the world over.

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