Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sydney, Here I come!

Ohhh - god and there's so much happening I'm in a whirl just thinking of it!

fortunately some of it is in cyberspace too.

Jane Polkinghorne has just launched a new project - aka 'the year of denim' whihc is being assiduously blogged.....

and Carriageworks is hosting the laucnh of ' there goes the neighbourhood' the Keg & Zanny/squatsapce/redwatch collaboration.... its on friday night

versions of what its about are at redwatch

Plus there's stuff ant MOP, the red rattler, firstdraft.... and my last chance to cathc the MCA drawing show that has sparked all those silly reviews in the SMH... (which were a handy last minute motivation to finish the tome - on life-drawing, and all those silly debates about drawing and 1970s art schools - coz now, I can officially claim to have researched the matter thoroughly - and..... Peter Fuller died in the 1980s but art school drawing did not)

and somewhere in this I'll be handing in my thesis too. About bloody time,

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fernando Solanas - El Sur

This is still one of my favourite films ever, though I'm losing my Spanish... the '90's was The Orb and Astor Piazzola

The Orb - A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain...

Protocrastination can sometimes be taken a bit far...
(this one is for Renaissance Girl)