Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Horror Volume 7

I've included the last text I sent before running out of credit. Now you get the creepy picture.

Thursday 2nd November 2006

How u feel babe? @11.59

M: Better than last night. i'm trying to make up 4 lost time time & working. how about u? @12.03

Went 2 slyfox.big punch up with sum guys. Cops ambos what a fucking night. @12.08

Im getting the fuck out of Sydney. the cops want 2 charge me 4 assalting. When I was only defending myself.they r saying he’s in a bad was him or me?it sure wasn’t going 2 b was all fair he picked me! It happened so fast.what a fuck.didnt mean 2 hurt him that bad.he was hasselling me most the night.i only hit him when he tried 2 kiss me.and it was one hit he went down it was im introuble.fuck it. @12.47

Im a lover. Not a fighter. @15.56

Whats this about? Is it u don’t want 2 talk 2 me? R u upset with what happened? Im not the type 2 b in any sort of violents by anymeans. Please u need 2 have a greater understanding of me. @19.50

U’ve got it all wrong about me.if u think 4 1 moment that im into that sort of just all went wrong when he grabed me I just was unexspected. Please talk to me babe.x @20.42

Private no calling: 21:02, 21:07. 21:29,

Goodbye my lover goodbye my had been the one 4 me. Xxx @23:55

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