Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween Horror Volume 10

today was a particular delight - and so persuaded me that such genius needs to be liberated from my phone and deserves to shared with the world. Psycho bunny has taken excerpts of my texts to her (dated from monday- which I've italisized and placed in inverted commas) and added her own comments (in bold)

Sunday 5th November 2006-11-05

"Wow! U mean the mines? Fucking hell!" @15.01

"I know u r real coz I can still taste u & I’ll never wash my sheets again!"

"Stop it or I’ll hav 2 mop the carpet! Am I dreaming or r u real? Xxx" i am real.x 15.04

"U’re butch enuff 4 me & u don’t need 2 pack 2 impress! Xxx"
only a dildo a condom and lube will do 2 impress.? @15.10

"SPEWIN! If only u told me! I just got an email request 2 talk at some do @ hollywood pub on wed 8pm. Wanna come? We can cum after!"
What? @15.11

"Not 2day coz if I c u I’ll drag u bak 2 bed! Thanx 4 last night & 2day & I can’t w8 4 wed! I feel like a dog on heat!"
U know what they say about being on heat?I don’t sleep with dogs. U only get was that good. I cant remember it was that great!.i think I had some dog on heat fuck me around? @15.25

"A dildo mayb? Cool! Seriously I’m flat out till wed so if ur in town can we meet then? Please? 8-)"
had u begging 4 all 2much 4 u sweetie.u had me all wrong.when u thought I wanted more.don’t like being fucked around. @15.32

"I’m just a pathetic phd student with no life! Writing sux but I hav 2 keep trying & keep my mind off sexy women like u!"
if only u had the time.and u have a life! But its your pathetic excuses that sux. @15.37

"Sorry I couldn’t call back.2day is crazy but I hope 2 chat L8r! xxx"
we never did have that chat. Whats your excuse that time. No credit? @15.42

"Shagging the woman of my dreams! How abt u?"
if only that was true.u’d b inheaven by now.u can just keep on dreaming baby while im gone.x @15.52

"I know u r real coz I can still taste u & I’ll never wash my sheets again!"
This is what u ran away from. I was 2 real and u got a taste of that realness. That’s y u’ll never wash your sheets again cause u r afraid u’ll never have that again!I had no intentions 4 other than great sex with u.x @16.02

(after this one I was wondering if she'd read Lacan and was playing some stupid joke based on the Symbolic order.....)

"Wow! U mean the mines? Fucking hell!"
That’s where im heading on Thursday.lets hope its not hell.was informed theres a sexy girl already there waiting 4 cool.she cant wait.don’t know what it in 4? @16.19

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