Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Horror Volume 6

Here things started to feel quite odd.

The sympathetic response to my cancelling a date due to migraine was particularly impressive. (I've included my texts below). I really liked the baseball analogy (with my batting skills it was never really going to be great rhetorical device). That's when I decided it was over.

Wednesday 1st November 2006

Ive got 2 fly up 2 queensland don’t know what time I’ll b back.u know the plain that went down? I’ll b back in Sydney at about 8pm.friend has arranged it 4 me.Im tyring 2 get out of not going.. @ 11.14

Cool. @11.30

Ive been put on stndby about the job at the airport. I need to hang around so that means im not going 2 go up north jus I may c u at 8 at the hollywood.x @ 11.41

Hay sweetie.whats your plans after the holllywood speech? @12.43

Fuck! u r out of your mind. @14.02

Sorry babe. Your not out of your mind. Jus crazy 4 a girl like u.xxxx @14.43

M: I've got a migraine & period pain & im going 2 hide in a dark room till i'm ok. so sorry 2 do this 2 u! I shd b ok by fri but i'll b in contact. xxx @17.03

Hope u r feeling better sooner than Friday.take care and c u soon. Not 2 happy about it I must say. Is that the 3rd strike? @ 17.13

Hay how u feeling? R u ok? Do u need anything?is there anything I can do 4 u?please let me know when u get text.x @21.30

M: I'm ok thx 2 ear plugs, tiger balm & aspirin. I just got 2 rest & w8 till it stips. I also have 2 do a shitload of marking b4 fri! I'll dream of u till @21.36

Well no good 4 u.when your feelin like that? @21.44

Would u like it 4 me 2 ease your mind and sooth you body? @22.03

M: Stale tobacco wd make me vomit right now 1.11.06 @22.03

What? I wont smoke then!how fuctdo u feel babe? @ 22.08

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