Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween Horror Volume 8

After avoiding a number of non identified callers on my mobile and hiding from a knock on the door I thought I'd better get some advice. I asked people at uni what to do and someone suggested that I answer the phone and ask psychobunny to stop sending me messags and be polite but firm and state that I was no longer interested. so i did this at about 7pm - when I got home from uni and the phone rang. And she was polite and seemed to agree - but then rang two mre times before sending a final text..... for the day.

Friday 3rd November

Went 2 c the guy I had trouble with at the hospital. He 2 c the guy ihad trouble with at the hospital. He is fine he was one drug when all shite hit the fan with me.its all good. Dropped the charges. Phew.had 2 clear my was all in defence.and he admitted it in front of the releaved.x @9.11

Hay sweetie.since u wont speak 2 me. Would it b asking 2 much if I can have your mailing address?xxx @10.59

Look babe im still here in Sydney. but like 2know whats going on with u want 2 catch up 2night?xxx 15.54

U werea delight babe.the last text u will get from me.take care and wathcout at the flying fox.xx.a lot of trash go there.slyfox sux. 19.11

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