Sunday, November 23, 2008


Despite the weather being a tad ARCTIC I had a great weekend but have headache and insomnia and am taking refuge on the brown lounge chair. the cat is keeping me company on the other brown lounge chair.

I just read the good weekend about bland beauty queen blog promotors, and it's got me inspired in a facebook application kind of way to follow on this little bit from Lauren's bit of the blogosphere;

I thought it might be an interesting test of how or if the viral nature of the internet still works for Blogs....coz I get the feeling that the blogosphere has diminished somewhat as lots of people have moved onto facebook or twitter or something..... the other big sign is that government funded community orgs are using blogs as community development projects (and here, I know I'm part of the problem/gravy train) - and the community sector is reputed to be about 5 years behind the times.....

Here are the rules:
* Mention the rules on your blog.
* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
* Tag six other
* Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they are tagged.

I'm not sure if there are 6 quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself that I haven't already posted on this blog or stated on TV but err.....

1. My second toes are longer than my big toes
2. I only drink black or very dark beer
3. I'm left handed
4. I'm really quite scared of and repulsed by octopus
5. I didn't wear underpants for 10 years
6. I gave up drinking tea in 1992, and it was very hard to do

As for the tagees..... I thought I'd pick a blog from my different circuits - to see what happens.

Lauren is part of the art blogosphere - so I only tagged one other art blogger - ie Skanky Jane

i picked two of my blogger contacts from the professional world of academia/cultural studies

Glen Fuller is a sydney academic cultural studies blogger and Nazanin is also a sydney academic cultural studies blogger but she's blogging and researching Iranian blogs

Just to further the international scope I included my favourite Eruotrash performance artist star Jesse and my favourite Ausie trash performance artist Zoo

Zoo crosses a few lines; being a firend/artist/academic and queer ratbag... whereas Norrie is officially a queer ratbag and activist....

a couple of people haven't posted for ages and a few may just think this is total spam..... so I'll see how this goes......


norrie mAy-welby said...

Thanx 4 thinking of me, but in terms of payoff and effort, I cudnt be arsed. Best of luck with your more productive projects ; D

Skanky Jane said...

Good question and experiment Mayhem!

Oi've been real slack ...but then I have been missing for a long time .. good thing m' BBox crew found me (gawd bless 'em)

Speaking of gawd - gawd but you've bin writing some tasty looking stuff of late - oi'll be slotting some reading time into my busy schedule for sure (...navel gazing is so time consuming - as is track scab, toe nail and nose picking. Phew!)

Thanks heaps for including me! xxxx