Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I've headed over the hills to lck my wounds and work on the tome.


I had a long sad slow talk with mum in the car driving from Armidale. God its so good to have amum sometimes. then I went striding off into the afternoon sun. (not too hot), I walked a lap of the whole tonw's extremities in less than two hours. Striding crazily with tears in my eyes, feeling like I did 18 FUCKING YEARS AGO (OK probably only 17 and a half), after a brusiing horrible hideous sould crushing adolescence.

Fuck I'm so glad I'm over 30 sometimes.

Yesterday I blushed in a tut, when some cute, shy, fairly dumb, but young and extremely cute baby butch dyke was talking... about her bloody buildding design that she'd copied off her friend and that was about as woeful as, well, me.

Todya in the plane I was giving moon eyes to some black glad curvaceiosu chick whose non blonde rots were even worse than mine........

what the FUCK am I doing in the COUNTRY!!!!!

Last night, Mirimba (she who shall be known as angel of light) dragged me out to the korean baths for a sap sauna and scrub.

It was dyke night.
I was having regrowth issues.
i'm not usually a pubic epilator - but I got so desperate masturbating the other week - that I decided that if I changed my pubic hairstle -that I could pretend I was having sex with someone else.

I wonder if I'm the only person in the world this fucking tragic.

anyway, so I had a half regrown muf, and I was stumbling myopically between coke bottles and blindness looking like mole man from the simpsons.How bloody attractive

I gotta go back there. with contact lenses. And different haircuts at both ends.

bloody hell.

Mirimba is planning a fishwyk fest for her houswarming in canberra. Maybe - I'll spend zero money in the country and can splurge on really trashy DVD's. I reckon lesbian zoophilia is my thing. with long pink fingernails.

Oh god. Maybe I'd be better off becoming a born again CHRISTIAN. Well, OK, not me, other people.

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