Monday, May 30, 2005

PacS Pas

June, Oh June!

Is the wonderful anniversary not only of anna receiving her permanet residency status last year, but also the fifth anniversary of our PacSing - or when we made a Pact Civile de truc mouche n'importe quoi.

Bascially I arrived in Paris on 6th june 2000. On the 7th june we wnet to the Palais de Justic ein the middle of PAris. anna explained where she and the other squatters were waiting and playing hadnball amidst the marble columns during their trial earlier that year and I noted it was THE ONLY PLACE on the ile de la cite where there were decent toilets. anyway about a week later I had to take my birth certificats to a translator in rue de Temple and pay him 300 francs. I ran into an australian friend (like you do in Paris) and we hung out - wh was biithing about maitre d's mocking her firench mispronunciation of boeff, bof and borff. I was raving about the best places to dumpster dive.

A week later we went to the Mairie Puteaux and wandered through a heap of corridors to the office of Mademoiselle Gateaux. French beaurocrats are nothing like Australian ones. Their offices are a lot more open - none of these "please take anumber" shit. But they don't have toilets though. Mademoiselle Gateaux spoke ot anna in french and got out some papers whihc she hand wrote and whihc we both had to sign. I felt a lot like anna's chihuahua Erin - Looking intently and understanding very little. We asked Mademoiselle Gateaux to tkae a photo of us in her office holding the PacS certificate and kissing. She obliged.

Later we went outside for a sandwich grecque ala merguez. I won't translate this coz it'll upset the vegans. the building of the Mairie de Puteaux was a big kitsch socialist realist number from the good old days when the banlieu was a red ring aroudn paris. We took lots of silly photos of us doing heroic Communist poses amongst the suclptures and waterfalls.

Anna went and saw MAdemoisell Gateaux on our return visit to Paris a year later. Mademoiselle Gateaux had broken up form her 10 year relationship with another dyke - and they discussed the limitations of PacS

Bascially it actually means absolutely nothing - except if I were a french bureaucrat I could ask for a transer to the same department as my pacs partner.

In terms of french immigration - the categories are married, divorced, widowed and celibate.

If I want to stay in france - I'd need anna's parents to adopt me as their child!!!!


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