Monday, May 09, 2005


I'm proud of myself for putting together another website. check out:

It is nearly 3am and I'm at uni - engaging in intense thesis distraction

Forntuntatly I've got the researhc centre to myself - because after 2am - I can't stop farting

I'm sorry I have to share these details with you poor sods - but it is weird what type of visceral reactions my body has to sleeeplessness.

Well as you can see this is a great writing week!

I hope to go home soon. I should do some reading or writing on the tome that will be this week.

I haven't even got flu or migraines ot distract me.

Anna seems reasonably not discontent, and I live in hope.

some iranian guy is being deprted tonight coz he made the mistake of not going to NZ. There's a protest outside dimia at midday.

will i be awake?
will i make a latex vulva face mask - or a red sequinned one?

good night

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