Saturday, January 02, 2010


Just faffing about online again... read a novel in a last ditch attempt at protocrastination while Mrs right conquered tittyraider and the cat conquered a purple ball of sparkle...

Anyway - I read zoo's posting about the past decade and pondered the significance of it all.....

still pondering.

thought I'd try to construct a bit of a 'Meme' about the last 10 years......



I travelled a lot
I circumnavigated the globe, and a few gloves
I learnt another language
I did another degree
I did a PhD
No one in my bio family died
Quite a few friends died
I got married twice
I had lots of good sex and a lot less bad sex than the previous decade
I had a lot of art exhibitions
I stayed in squats in 3 countries
I faced my fear of seaweed and slimey marine life and snorkelled in 3 countries
I swam in a few oceans, some of them freezing
I didn't take many illicit substances
I did not attempt to give up coffee (this is called learning to be kind to oneself)
I lived off life modelling for 3 years (and supported a partner)
I thoroughly explored the Louvre
I got to know 3 cities apart from Sydney very well.
I died my hair every shade of the rainbow
I still went to political protests (though much less than the previous decade)
I didn't do a single paste-up

If this sounds boring it may be a reflection of my voidoid brain at the moment (hooray for holidays!) or that memes are a pretty facile way of conveying the richness of life's tapestry

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