Monday, June 12, 2006

Every Sperm is Sacred

As you will no doubt be aware, our current government
cares deeply about all children, including the unborn.

sinking the SIEV x was just one example of the the
current governments child protection plan, not to
mention the mandatory detention of aboriginal kiddies
in the NT for stealing textas, plus the concentration
camps for the kiddies who arrive on boats in utero or
associated with adults not in posession of a valid
tourist visa.

So, it will come as no surprise to learn that the
merry mob of canberra have been using some of our hard
earned taxes to fund private counselling services in
womens health.

These cousnelling serivces don't come from any of the
namby pamby chardonnay sipping medical, bureaucratic,
or social worker sets but are made up of honest,
hardworking, god fearing, ordinary Amer....ahem
Australians who don't want to bludge off the taxpayers
and don't want all those baby murdering doctors and
unwed mothers to do the same.

Our government cares about the initiative of ordinary
australians, and so have been doling out the dollars
to such nicely named gourps as "pregnancy Help
australia" (who received $300,000 last year). these
private groups are being funded to give such useful
advice to roughly 11,000 sperm laden ladies each
year, that abortion increases the risk of breast
cancer, and that it will prevent them from becoming
pregnant in future, and that they are murderers for
even thinking of depriving life to their unborn child,
and that they shouldn't be having sex outside of
marriage anyway, and sholdn't even think of shaving
their legs before the age of twenty unless they want
to burn in hell as one of the damned whores of satan.

This is a bit of a worry when, as we all know,
thousands of sperm are wasted daily on internet porn
sites, and each month, millions of women go
shamelessley discarding the unborn by flushing their
used tampons down the toilet.

Instead of allowing the wasteful expenditure on
privately run telephone counselling services why not
join other citizens in mass consumer boycott of
masturbation aids such as pornography and kleenex, as
well as sanitary products that encourage the wasteful
and needless destruction of human embryos through the
unhygenic and often painful practice of menstruation?

why not start smashing up those sanitary bins in
public toilets and banning sodomy, bukake and oral

why not make it a condition of earning a passport
that all australian citizens demonstrate they are in
posession of a mortgage, a plasma screen TV and 2.5
blue eyed blonde haired you beaut bonza kinder... err


Lets make more aussies! stopping abortion is too late,
the earlier the better! Every sperm desrves a chance
to become an aussie kiddie and so does every egg!
Fertilise every single one!

Consumer boycotts are not the only means of saving the
kiddes and ending the waste. you can also go to the
getup site and sign an internet petition. Apparently
the pollies are about too debate the issue in

go to:

spread this message with lashings of fabulon and see
you in the obstretrics ward.

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