Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I think I've found it.

Here, the sun doesn't shine often, but when its wan rays drift down through the clouds they hit this statue outside the window of my friends loungeroom.

Its the Virgin Mary in a London Cemetery. I see her out of the window, in the morning whe I wakeup.

Today the clouds cleared and there were blue skies at about 11. Mary shone. Coppers on horseback clopped past, shitting on the street. I scurried to themetro to go and bury myself in a windowless cavern of curiosity.

Here, unlike Paris, the library (or the bit I was in) doesn't have any skylihgts or acess to daylight. So I'm in a large white walled edifice,. Inside it sound slike a church.

I'll sopt blithering.

Why did I only give myself a week in London??? I wanna see the mad Welsh rappers termorra, I wanna go to the tate old tate new, and british museum. I wanna go back to the national gallery.

I've got 6 books on reserve to get through tomorrow, and 6 the day after that and 6 the day after that. The day after that I leave. I can't take in pens, so I've got just a trusty 2B and 20p photocopying to take it all in. so many bloody books that I can't get at home. My wrists ache, may bakc aches, my eyes are blurry from the strain.

But I've found an occupation whih makes me strangely intensely happy. Doing researhc and negotioating the Fnrehc Bibilioteque nationale was incredible - an adrenalin rushto reaslise that I could and did have enough lingo to search, select, read and take notes from stacks of books. Enlish should be a diddle by comparison - but its a bigger library, I cna searhc more thoroughly, more widely....and there's so much.

I'm so tired, my typing has reached new lows.

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