Monday, February 06, 2006

Has Anyone Got a Cure for insomnia?????

One of the reasons why I keep so many blogs is bugging me right now. I've got and have had since I was a kid, terrible insomnia. Generally in the angloaustralian eurostrash post industrial aculturated miasma called society, the response of most poeple to a health complaint is to propose a cure.

I'm open to anything, but before you launch in I'll list what I've done and been doing over the past 20 years: Meditation, counselling, chiropractic, yoga, dental prosthesis, giving up coffee, moderating coffee, xanax, stillnox, temzopan, phenergan, random opiods, alchohol, THC, pentabarbithol, rohipnol, valerian, valerian tea, melatonin, St; Johns Wort, Hot milk, Lavender, Long Baths, Massage, Sex, Masturbation, Exercise, Jetlag.

Jetlag usually works while I've got it, melatonin doesn't. soft valium doesn't work at all; hard valium does briefly for a bit.

Opiods fuck up the stomach.
Maryjane fucks with my head.
Alcohol transforms lme into the hman fridge. I can sit in the corner and hum all night if poeple stuff beers in me. but I won't sleep.
Barbs are only temporary.

So, I avoid coffee after midday, try to get some exercise before dinner,accept to live with scrap sleep and read or write at night, and every couple of days pop a phenergan to wear off the bags under tthe eyes.

but , right now I'd REALLY like to be able to be sleeping right now. It's 4am where I am, and I'd REALLY like to be able to get up in 4 hours time and go this really amazing library that's only open from 9am to 6pm.

I've got 3 days left in Paris. I need all the brains cells I can find to be able to read and take notes in French, and at present my brain really only works from 3pm; With some gross moter skills after 11am.

what to do? what to do?

OK, I'm updating my blogs and this explains why my spelling is usually so shit. Also chekcing email and if things get desperate I can ring my mum and listen to enough small town gosssip to send me to sleep.......

But if anyone has any other cures, I'd be happy to hear about them.

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