Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Danny Boy

Time for some light relief! for some reason this reminded me of zoo!
Maybe its because she recently had a white night in the beige confines of a postgrad computing room.


Zoo said...

Being in that very room now, with the good pg folk merrily typing and reading and nerding around me, I cannot watch this at the moment... But tonight, ah, tonight! Tonight when I am here for the duration I can watch this in the wee small hours!



Jenny said...

Yes, it's Jenny, the french girl.
As you're so unfair with Anna, and that's it's quite impossible for me to talk with you (for ex, you don't say "hi" to Anna in the street) I wanted to write a letter here, on your blog.
But it was too long, so I wrote on a blog I create specially for you.

Be carefull, It's quite violent for you!
So, maybe you should not read it today if you’re not strong enough today, ok?
You can read my letter later. And you can write on it, as Anna or one of your friend could do it.

it's there: