Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Fans of Scragg - get ready to wet yourselves BIG TIME
this wed - coz youse are all in for a treat!

Its all in celebration of Independence Day - and the
tru blue values that made this country great - eh wot?

First Up: Aussie Icon schappylle scragg is gonna put
her 2 cents in to the namby pamby art education debate
- letting those westies who are so up themselves just
what aussie culcha really is......

she'll be right near Darling harbour from 6-8pm on
wednesday July 5th -at 168 Day Street (that's across
the road form sega World - youse can't miss it).
At the cereal box art show

Her bridemaid Starella has another mate called 'the
promotor' who has a totally excellent plan for making
showing that art is easy as cornflakes!

there's be free piss so come along and get shitfaced!

RIGHT AFTER - get on down to Newtown to join the QUEEN
OF SCRAGG'S Kath Ellis - in a musical tribute to all
things rockin and rolling....

At BuzzBar: 351 King street Newtown (south bit just
down from the station - it's orange and youse can't
miss it!)

schappylle is even gonna join the musos for a couple
of Rad's covers - in between talking all about her hot
honeymoon with Darryll .(she'll be there a bit after 8
or 9.....)

it's gonna go off - an it's the last magical
hubris/guinness/kathelissism/lizmartin jam (at least outside of their loungerooms) for a while so youse
might as well come along.

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