Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pressing Immanence

got this from a dear friend the other day....

Come drench your cunt in liquids divine
at the shrine
of Betty, who is Camp,
In Melbourne.
We will wash away those dusty cobwebs in an orgy of
fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun.

The prospect of AKSHUN with lusty SOuthern Babes has
got to be motivation.

And what's a few more days of coldity?
Hell - there'll be sunshine and summery goodness in
patches at least - (4 seasons, any given day...)

How can you deny the ladies/humans of Smellbourne the
joy of your flesh?

Share! Comrade! Collectivise your flesh, comrade!
Submit your pleasures to the will of any randomn
collective of comrades, comrade!

Camp Betty - is the nashnool kweer gathering held on occasion of HRH Betty's birthday - ie this long weekend.

and promises to be a week of radical sex and politics

or is it radical politics and sex?

Decided sex pig would be the best option for hiding from psycho bunny while on prowl for lady flesh in spewtown. found pig masks and copper hats in the ONE SHOP! how cool is that?

OK - so here's a pic of me, fantasizing alone, avoiding study - or anything even slightly serious - under the pretext of looking for my yoga tights - ya know I just randomly uncovered my love-police outfit (not the sunnies - hence the pig mask)

And - decided that If I wear it up to the buzz bar I can entertain Kathellism, extort money from patrons in amuzing manner and have good excuse for not going and getting maggotted at sly later - coz those fetish boots are bloody hard to dance too (note to self: leather daddies dance that way for a reason; boots are too damn heavy)

So - yeap - will head home, stay home, work at home, write the tome and be a GOOD GIRL......

ditto for this weekend. weekend of anticipated girlswot goodness will hopefully be relieved by smutty phone calls from wonder-boi


oh, and a posse venture out to Gurlesque of course. Unsure whether to go as sexpig or pig princess or evil tango master.......

Latter needs a wig now my 'natural' hair colour has become cloaked in layers of chemicals......

Even tho disguises ain't particularly anonymous - they hopefully are scary enuff to scare off straighty pink-picketters like stalkergirl - and masks are a great way to hide obvious eyeball panic/fury if I clap eyes on her.....

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