Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Last Day in London - kinda

I've already writtine this in ten emails

I am actually sitting in an internet cafe now -tapping away my last few hours in london.

Yesterday I headed off at 2pm - to make a 6pm flight - and arrived at standstead airport just after 5.30pm- when the chekc in counter had shut.

I rand around begged, pleaded - persuaded and made it through - racing through security and the shopping mall and legions of bewildered trolley wielding duty free shoppers and onto my flight - into my seat -and realised that I'd left my laptop back at security.

apnnicked, freaked - begged my way off the flight - and get my backpack off the plane - and went back - and thankfully managed to get someone to find it.... somewhere in limbo land between secuirty gate and lost property.

then wandered backwards through the terminal and out the font end - rebooked a flgiht and discovered that the airport is 45 minutes away from where I was staying in london -by train.


so I'll try again in an hour - and enjoy stnadstead airport....

I need to do a long posting about my 'real' last day in london - whihc was brilliant - and involved a sodden rally, an epiphanous drying out in the naitonal gallery, and a delightfully epiphanous guinness and flirty naughty afternoon...


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