Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Where am I?

at present I'm drama free and blogging here
I've also got really boring pics up on my flickr site


Dr John Mindbender QMA said...

this is my third attempt at posting a comment it's getting boring now but way back in the good old days of an hour or so ago when i started this I was so efferessant, (its 3.30am i dont care about spelling) spontaneous and all that.
OK sorry!
I certainly hope you didn't get the other two attempt or this is going to be tedious for you.
So, the blogging thing is very new to me and i came across your blog while i was searching for stuff on housing co-ops (rivetted yet?).
I found your blogs very entertaining and absorbing and i entirely agree with your opinion about drawing and just love your writing.
You are super groovy there is no doubt.
Lets runaway to New York NOW!!!

Nice to virtually meet you.

mayhem said...

Dear doctor mindbender

but I HAVE ALREADY run away to new york - and you're not here!

i'm about to run away from new york - so you better track me down fast - mett me in the williamsburg hot tub show - tomorrow - I'm the one with 2 vulvas.