Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Horror Volume 4

Monday 30.10.06

Am I meeting u at succulents? Cant remember if u said or not? X @10.12

No reply. I guess I was wrong? Been waiting till 11.30. C u wed. I rang 2 change job interview till 2morow at 11.30am 2 c u off I guess that was a wrong fuc up2. Have a great day.x @10.37

That could have been arranged. But u have other commitments and now u can only dream what could have been. Have fun.xthats another u miss out on.3 strikes and your out. @10.59

I’ll let u know. @11.07

Looks like im heading up north 2 night.just waiting 4 phone call. @12.10

Yes babe.isuppose I better start packing. @12.13

What? Jus wear my riggers belt and hard hat? Will that do? @12.18

Don’t 4 get the steel capped boots.and a few tools. What a goo look.and a sweet smile. @12.21

Im real. Didn’t ufeel I was real last nite? Maybe u r dreaming? U never know whats? Around the corner. Life is full of suprizes. Never take it 4 granted. @12.36

The taste will fade. Im not gone 4 the sheets.u should wash them as the next bitch will b confused. She’ll b fucking the sheets and u might miss out.ha @12.46

Still waiting 4 call. I’ll let u know soon. @12.47

Babe I call the shots.u don’t need 2 cancel 4 me. I can still go at the end of the week. Thatswhat ive arranged. Im waiting 4them 2 give me the OK.but there is a chance I may still have 2 go 2night. @12.59

Will u miss me? Im no great loss. U will get it on and u will 4 get all about me.and it maybe better than ever be 4 I came along. @13.04

You r amazeing babe.thanks 4 your kind nature. U r very real and I like that.go 4 what ever u want in this life now.don’t let anything or anyone deter u what u beleave in.let love show u the way. Love everhting good or bad.its all learning.its know what I mean.?x @13.15

Jus got the call babe. @13.57

Cant stop thinking about my cock inside u baby. @16.03

I’ll stop it then. @17.04

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