Sunday, October 16, 2005


ON the blog list right - I've got a link alled "simon".

Actually its to planet CAT where you can follow links to Simon Rumble, Stacy and other cool geeks.

I was just reading stacy's blog (I lurk quietly everwhere) and my blood started to boil. Check out:

Fucking HELL WHY am I writing a fucking slow thesis -when some sketch clubs need bobms dropped on them and all those fucking slow old toxic fossils with their shit ugly paintings get blown to bits!!!!!!!!!!

The Australia government has just passed new terrorist laws so If I don't post here for a couple of weeks - then get worried and someone please tell my mum and anna.

Apparently we aren't even meant to know about them - but a few wild things are letting people know anyway. Check out.

Download it, print it out, read memorise and eat it. This kind of info is illegal I kid you not.

The other thing is that people aren't meant to tell anyone when they get detained for interogation.

Some Chileans have been saying that this reminds them of 9-11. By that I mean 9-11-73 When there was a military coup d'etat and Pinochet took over. About 10,000 people got arrested and tortured or disappeared......... the lucky ones left the country and got shit jobs as toilet cleaners - but they managed to tell their stories at least.

this kind of shit is scary. CHileans also told me that the ONLY chance of NOT disappearing (ie being tortured to deaht and you body being dumped) when you got arrested was to SCREAM your name, your next of kin or whoever and I AM BEING ARRESTED at the top of your voice. Otherwise you'd vanish.

SOMeone I know had a scarily simliar experience in Paris about 20 years ago at the Nanterre PRefecture. If you want to see hell on the outside check it out. They've thrown in a miasma of pig shit just to scare motorists from 50 paces. One day, arranging a visa, she was detained a bit too long, and some officios suggested that she follow them down a looooooooong corridor. She mentioned she had a radio interview in half an hour with someone who'd be very supcious if she hadn't returned form the prefecture....... and they let her go.

You think I'm exaggerating? Did you know that 300 algerians got thrown in the SEINE in the middle of Paris in 1961? They were peaceful protestors who got rounded up and shot. A tiny memorial got put up 40 years later on the very spot. It got ripped off the wall eventually, coz lots of people don't like remembering how terrible history can be........

Australians are pretty dumb and passive. I count myself amongst this as on friday night I sat in a restaurant and ate the worst kebab I have ever seen smelt or tasted in my entire life. Not a peep did I say. I imagine that I and others would be like the sheep in Solzehnitzens Gulag Archipelago - just going quietly into hell.

Fuck a duck
how depressing.
I don't want to grow up or be an adult any more
I want to run away and read lots of books and paint rocks.

But, I won't (much)
and continue with my slow stupid minute processes of writing and living.

Stacy's story of fucked up artists abusing a model, (and exposing someone's naked flesh to a miasma of toxic mineral turps - whihc will penetrate the pores of her skin and CAN cause lymphoma - just because these prune mouthed rich old north shore fucks are too stingy to spend an extra $5 on a less toxic alternative - is ABUSE - and these people deserve a punch in the face - or act least osmeone to put 10 grams of paracetamol in their fucking cups of lanchoo tea.........) or other stories of teachers showing fucking cut up cadaver sketches of womens bodies in order to teach life drawing, remind me that even the most benign and anachronistic enterprise has its fair share of bloodshed.

SOmehow - I'll turn my rage into 80,000 words of coherent cutting analysis, and writing in a way that can create a critical discourse that will enable stupid necrophilliacal shits to go fuck themselves instead of fucking over other people

I will, I must, I will.

GRRRRRRRR!!!!! I'm too angry - better stop writing and go for a walk and bark amongst the dogs in sydney park